So you have designed your brand new mobile app and made sure it's working correctly using the preview function, what now?

You are ready to launch your app onto the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Follow these simple 3 steps to launch your app:

  1. Set up your Apple and Google Play Developer accounts.

  2. Filling up your App's App Store Listing Details.

  3. Request store submission.

1. Set up Your Apple and Google Play Developer accounts.

If you haven't already set up your Apple Developer and Google Play Developer accounts follow the guides below to get started:

How to Create an Apple Developer Account and Enroll in the program.

How to Create an Google Play Store Developer Account.

2. Filling up Your App's App Store Listing Details

Once you have your developers accounts ready. You are ready to launch your app.

Go to our publishing wizard here:

Fill out your app store listing details. This will auto populate to your Apple and Google Play App Store listings.

Once you have filled out your desire app store listing details click next.

On the next step, depending on what app store you've chosen to publish on, you will be taking to the next step to enter your Apple Developer or Google Play Developer team name.

To find your Google Play Developer team go to your Google Play Developer console: and click on the avatar on the right edge of the screen and enter the exact name as your team name.

An example is shown below:

3. Request Store Submission

For publishing on the Google Play Store:

Add Taply as admin user on your Google Play Developer Account

Once you have entered the information for your Google Play Developer Account profile and completed the registration, you will need to add Taply in order for us to complete with the app launch process.

Go to Settings > Users and Permissions

Invite [email protected] as "Admin" to complete you Google Play Developer Account setup.

For publishing on the Apple App Store:

Inviting Taply as a new admin in iTunes.

Once you have created your Apple Developer account as an company/organization you will need to invite Taply as a new admin.

Sign in to and go to the account section

Once in the account section click the "Users and Access" button

Click the blue "+" button

Here you will see a new window titled "New User". Please enter the following information.

First Name - Taply

Last Name - Admin

Email - [email protected]

Please make sure that the checkbox for "Developer Resources" is checked.

Once this process is completed, the Taply team will get an email and we will start the process.

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