How to Hide Visibility of Products

You have the option to publish, hide a collection and hide a product by using your store's active sales channels management options.

You can hide a certain product or collection by opening your Shopify dashboard and going into the "Products" column on the left.

Once you have chosen the product you want to hide, click on the "Manage" button next to "SALES CHANNELS AND APPS"

On the next screen uncheck "Taply - Mobile App" and click Done, and then click the Save button.

You have now hidden that product from your mobile app.

How to Hide Visibility of Collections

You can hide the visibility of collections by opening your Shopify Dashboard, clicking "Products" on the left column and then clicking "Collections".

Click on the collection you want to hide. On the next screen, beside "Collection availability" click manage.

On the next screen uncheck "Taply - Mobile App"

Click "Done".

You have now hidden the collection from your mobile app.

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