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Taply is a sales channel consequently, the uninstallation process is a bit different compared to regular Shopify Apps.

If you have an active app on the App Stores please make sure you understand the consequences of deleting Taply (section 1). Otherwise, feel free to continue on.

1. Consequences of deleting a sales channel

By deleting Taply, you are also revoking the permissions that were required to build your mobile app.

Consequently, your app on the App Stores will no longer have access to products, collections, and other important data points associated with your Shopify store.

Unfortunately, this is not controlled by us. When you uninstall a sales channel, Shopify also revokes the API keys that were used to build the app.

To ensure your privacy/security. We do not in any circumstance store or collect any data about your products, orders, or your customer info in our databases. Instead, we rely on Shopify to provide the data as we require it within your mobile application. By uninstalling the sales channel our software no longer has that ability to communicate with Shopify.

Your existing products and orders on your Shopify store will not be affected, only any published mobile app will be impacted.

2. Deleting a sales channel

A) Navigate to sales channel settings

B) Click the delete icon on the sales channel you would like to remove

C) Shopify will prompt you to confirm. Please make sure you understand the consequences, if you are deleting Taply please refer to section 1.

3. Coming back to Taply

If you decide to come back to Taply in the future, everything should work as expected after you reinstall the application.

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