If your app has customer accounts enabled, please make sure to provide Google with demo login information.

Unfortunately, Google and Apple do not register during the review process and they will need demo information to see the account's functionality in your app.

Not providing this information may cause App Rejection! This is why we do recommend that you provide them with the appropriate demo login information.

1. Proceed to the accounts login page in your preview app or in your web checkout.

Tap the signup button and enter any demo email and password. (This must be done for your store, not the Taply Preview App Store.)

2. Click the Register button and remember the credentials you entered.

Providing the information to Google Play Store:

If you are only submitting for Apple App Store please skip to Apple steps.

  1. Login to your Google Play Store Developer Account after we have successfully built your app and have emailed you. Click your application.

    Under "App Content" you will need to check off "All or some functionality is restricted"

    (This is due to your App having the Customer Accounts Feature, which is only available upon login)

    Add instructions for app access

    1. Open Play Console and go to the App content page (Policy > App content).

    2. Under "App access," select Start.

      • Note: If you’ve previously added instructions for app access and you want to make changes, you’ll see and select Manage instead of Start.

    3. Click + Add new instructions and provide your access details.

      • Note: Use the "Any other instructions" field to let us know if there’s anything special about your login mechanisms, such as using a one-time password, multi-factor authentication, or logins with more than two fields.

        This is where you will Add the credentials for a Demo Customer Account.
        Your Name may be the same as what was used to register:

        ex. Name: Demo Account

        Username: [email protected]

        Password: (TheDemoPasswordYou Created)
        Any Other Instructions: "Access to the Customer Account Log in Page"

    4. Save your changes and submit for review!

Providing Login Information to Apple App Store

1. Please login to AppStore connect after we have successfully built your app and have emailed you. Click your application.

2. Scroll down to App Review information, check the box for sign-in required, and enter your credentials below. Make sure to save your changes on App Store connect.

3. Save your changes and submit for review 😊

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