´╗┐Searching Google Play for apps is easy - and we have more ways to keep your app from topping the search results.

We love ramping up your app list and rank in the Google Play Store, this is totally optional to help your app get noticed ­čÖé

Adding Tags is a great way to hit keywords describing your app. This will help in regards to your App Listing and acquiring users on the Google Play Store.

Adding tags on Google Play Store
´╗┐ Open Play Console

  1. Select your app

  2. On the left menu, select Grow > Store presence > Store settings.

  3. Beside Tags select Manage tags to start choosing and applying tags

  4. Click Save

You can have up to 5 tags, and it will help to improve your app's visibility on Google Play.

´╗┐An example tag for the category 'Shopping' would be 'Online shopping'.*

It may take up to 24 hours for changes to be reflected on your app's page on Google Play.
´╗┐Here is the relevant google help documentation regarding tags and categories:

Choose a category and tags for your app or game

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