Webpages contain information that rarely changes or that customers will reference often, like an "About Us" page or a "Contact Us" page. Learn more about what to include in an "About Us" page.

You can also add a blog to your online store for content that you'll be updating regularly, or if you want to encourage feedback.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Pages.

  2. Click Add page. You will be taken to a new webpage editor.

  3. In the webpage editor, enter a Title and Content in the text boxes provided.

  4. In the Visibility field, you can choose whether you want your webpage to be published or not. By default, your new webpage will be visible when you click Save.

Optional: To make a published webpage appear in your online store navigation, add a link to it in a menu.

Make sure to check your store page's visibility to Visible for users to see it.

Copy the link you wish to appear on the page you created.

Go back to Taply - Mobile App Builder > Add Navigation Item, set the title page and click Destination

Choose URL and paste your store's URL link and click Save

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