When compared to other promotional tactics, Smart App Banners greatly improve consumers' surfing experience. Smart App Banners for iOS deliver a consistent appearance and feel that consumers have grown to expect. ... If the user doesn't already have your app installed, hitting the banner will lead them to the app's App Store page.

From Taply - Mobile App Builder, go to Design and click App Banner

Edit the text sections that fits your branding

iOS Configuration Guide

1. Open App Store Marketing Tools: https://tools.applemediaservices.com/app-store

If your app is only on Google Play, you can skip to the Google Play setup.

2. Type the name of your app in the Search field and enter

3. In the results, find your app and click it

4. Copy the 9 digit numbers in the content link. It should be the numbers that follow after 'id'

Once copied, paste it on the configuration box below and hit Save

Android Configuration Guide

1. Open Google Play: https://play.google.com

2. Search your app's name

3. In the results, find your app and click it

4. Copy the id in the address bar and enter it in the configuration

Paste the ID in the Google App ID configuration box below and hit Save

Using fallback rating

Using a fallback rating is available if there is an issue establishing communication with the app stores where your app is available

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