Your brand's recognition will grow dramatically as a result of Facebook advertising. It is an excellent technique to raise awareness of what you have to offer.

While many of the advantages of advertising on Facebook are evident, paid advertising does come with a number of difficulties. Before you can comprehend how Facebook can help you reach new audiences, you must first grasp what Facebook provides companies and how its paid ad network is designed to provide a variety of advertising possibilities.

For Facebook advertisements, we utilise App Events.

What are the requirements?

  1. Under Settings > Basic you need to get the App ID from your Facebook app

  2. Get the client token under Settings > Advance

3. You need to provide the bundle identifier for your app, It can be found in our integrations page under facebook ads integration


You need to provide the bundle identifier of the app

For Android, you need to provide the following

  1. release key hash: IEEBPlAbd4IZx2Obj6gDnCOR9TA= (key store is provided by taply)

  2. You also need to provide the package name (this can be the same as the apple bundle identifier)

  3. Add the class name “io.taply.MainActivity

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